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bagels & Beans


Bagels & Beans, Rotterdam, was literally the most perfect place for a vegan. I’ll preface by saying that they are NOT a vegan restaurant, they cater for all food preferences, but they do vegan food super well.

My group of friends has a yearly New Year’s Eve tradition where we take turns hosting. This year, it was in Rotterdam! So, naturally being hungry, we went on New Year’s Eve together for brunch.


What a brunch it was!!


First of all, the atmosphere was so nice. The tables were wooden, there was a lot of greenery about, and it smelled like coffee. With plenty of seats to choose from, too.

It was cosy, comfortable, and there were signs dotted about promoting a zero plastic environment (check out for more info). Though, saying that I did notice that they provided plastic straws so I was confused on their plastic stance!

There was also a large retail section that had some teas and coffee beans to take home. As well as teapots, strainers, and various other items. It was a nice little retail section!


bagels & Beans bagels & Beans


We managed to grab a table big enough to fit all five of us, better than where we were first sitting at the window. The waitress who served us was really friendly, too!


Vegan Food


There were a lot of vegan options on the menu, including a vegan red pepper cream cheese!

I ordered a bagel, avocado and tomato (obviously) on an everything sourdough bagel, with the cream cheese, and it was bloody marvelous. The avocado was perfectly ripe, unlike some other avo we got from the market for the next day which was horrendously overripe (sadface for days!), the tomatoes juicy, and the sourdough just delicious.


bagels & Beans bagels & Beans


Oh – and there was vegan pecan pie on offer (SERIOUSLY!). I was too full to get some but holy crap, I have to go back! Good thing our friends literally live across the road from here in the cube houses!

Ten out of ten, would eat again!!


Coffee Vibes


The main event, as always, was the drinks menu. It was huge, with both hot and cold beverages. Plenty of fresh juice and smoothies, tea, and, of course, coffee.

Dairy free milk options were soya, almond, and oat! I, as usual, opted for an oat milk latte and it was delightful. Creamy and sweet, though the taste of the beans was strong enough to come through.


bagels & Beans bagels & Beans


I’d happily camp out here anytime to eat food, drink coffee or a smoothie, eat pecan pie, and work. Plus, how phenomenal is the crockery?!

Thanks, Bagels & Beans! I’ll definitely, definitely be back next time we’re in Rotterdam!



You can check out Bagels & Beans for yourself!
Hoogstraat 129 B
3011 PL, Rotterdam

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