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Blooming Bean Coffee Roasters. Man, what can I say. The second I walked into this mid-sized coffee shop I knew I was in for a treat.

Let’s back up a bit though, because there was something extraordinarily cool happening in town that night.

Old Town Untapped


There I was, Friday afternoon at my parents apartment in Deerfield Beach, Florida, looking for something cool to do that evening. What’s this? Old Town Untapped in Pompano Beach, hmm looks really interesting, let’s explore.

Old Town Untapped is this amazing street festival that’s run the first Friday of every month right in the heart of downtown Pompano Beach! With street vendors selling handmade jewelry, clothes, baked goods, a local brewery launching a new IPA, about a dozen food trucks, an art gallery… and a coffee shop.

blooming-bean blooming-bean


Obviously this was the coolest thing to do on a Friday night – it certainly ticked all the boxes!

The Coffee Shop


First port of call, Blooming Bean Coffee Roasters.

blooming-bean blooming-bean blooming-bean


What can I say. I was in love the second I stepped through the front door. Blooming Bean is actually INSIDE an art gallery! And on this particular night, a local artist was having a show and his art was all over the walls. Beautiful!

blooming-bean blooming-bean blooming-bean


We went up to the counter and ordered our usual: vanilla latte for Thom (they were out of caramel syrup! sad times) and almond milk cortado for me. I asked the baristas to tell me about their coffee and was pleased that they were able to give me the lowdown on the beans and ways to prepare coffee.

blooming-bean blooming-bean

blooming-bean blooming-bean


We grabbed a table up the front where I could record my first ever Bean and Backpack Vlog! Check it out, I’d love to know what you think!

After speaking with the owner, Sharon, and learning the history of the building in Pompano Beach, I was even more enamoured. What a cool place!

I’ve built up a bit of a relationship online with Sharon. Even though we didn’t go in for anything to eat on this night, she’s let me know that they have an incredible range of homemade vegan treats on offer every day – how exciting!


Retail Shop


blooming-bean blooming-bean blooming-bean

I am a truly converted fan of Blooming Bean Coffee Roasters! I’ll definitely be back next time I’m in Florida in November!

blooming-bean blooming-bean


You can check out Blooming Bean Coffee Roasters for yourself!

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