District, Ormeau Road, Belfast


I went to District Ormeau Road branch for a meeting with a potential client. (We do social media strategy for coffee shops and restaurants over at Thankful Cow Solutions, by the way!)


district ormeau road           district ormeau road


I got there early to check it out and managed to snag a seat in the corner, overlooking the entire restaurant. It had the kind of atmosphere where I would have been happy to chill out there for the entire day – and would have if there had been a plug at my seat! There were plugs at the window seats, but not the table and bench that I was at.


district ormeau road           district ormeau road


District Coffee is bright, open, and very clean feeling, but not at all in a sterile way. It was minimalistic with dark walls and white subway tiles. There is also an outdoor seating area – great for a nice day!


district ormeau road           district ormeau road


Coffee Tales


While waiting for my meeting to arrive, I ordered an oat milk flat white (they actually get their oat milk delivered from 387 Ormeau Road!). To say it was delicious would be a complete understatement!


district ormeau road           district ormeau road


The oat milk was subtle, steamed to perfection with just a bit of foam. It paired well with the beans, a dark roast with plenty of nutty, caramel flavours.


Food to Die For


After a productive meeting, I decided to order lunch. I had avocado on toast with dukkah spice on top. It came highly recommended by the lovely member of staff serving me. I also ordered another of those delightful coffees!




The food, coffee, and staff were all the image of perfection here at District Coffee, Ormeau Road. I would definitely, 100% go back!


District, Stranmillis Road


There’s another District Coffee on Stranmillis Avenue, in Belfast. I haven’t been here during opening hours, but I did have the pleasure to attend an impromptu Aeropress competition!

Hosted by the lovely Julia McKenna from Baillies Coffee Roasters, though a bit under attended sadly, this was a super fun, casual night practising some rusty skills. I’d love to head back to this branch of District through the day and grab a tasty coffee and a vegan sweet (which I’ve heard they have!)


district ormeau road           district ormeau road


There were a few newbies practising their brew skills, including my other half, Thom! Here he is being super cute while making his very first Aeropress. Go Thom!


district ormeau road           district ormeau road


Thanks, Julia, for organising a fun event and District Coffee for hosting! Looking forward to future events!

You can check out District Ormeau Road for yourself!
300 Ormeau Road,
Belfast BT7 2GE

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