Inside the Backpack

Take a look inside the backpack. Bean and Backpack was born out of passion of travelling, coffee, and vegan food. When you love something so much, you have to do everything you can to make it a reality. So, follow along with us as we eat and caffeinate our way around the world.

What makes coffee so special? Is it the smooth crema that floats on top of a perfectly pulled shot? Or the art of milk steaming to create intricate designs on your brew? Whatever has drawn you towards it: coffee culture is real and it is here to stay.

Veganism is also on the rise. Whether you’ve turned to it for the animals, environment, or for your health, it’s having a valuable contribution to our planet. More and more restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops around the world are offering plant based food and non-dairy milk alternatives. It’s something that should be discussed, documented, and above all else: celebrated.

inside the backpack: this is amanda

Meet Amanda. She’s a Canadian chick with a passion for delicious vegan food and really good coffee. She is on a mission to find and report back the world’s best coffee shops… but with a vegan twist.

Amanda has worked with artisan coffee as a barista and supervisor for 3 years. She has her Speciality Coffee Association of Europe Intermediate Barista award. Oh, and she’s vegan, a foodie, and a total geek.


Brewed to Perfection


The perfect coffee is hard to describe, but for Amanda, it’s easy. A double shot (absolute necessity) oat milk latte or flat white. It would be great if more cafes offered an oat milk alternative to soya, because soya milk is so easy to get wrong! Along with the perfect milk, the coffee bean should be strong but smooth, with a very slightly acidic flavour.

Her favourite bean varieties come from Costa Rica, with their juicy fruity start and chocolately finish. The weirdest coffee she’s ever tasted was from Rwanda – it tasted like ketchup!



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