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I went to Stika on the recommendation of a friend during my recent trip to Budapest. It’s a little corner cafe in the Inner City close to most popular tourist attractions, so pretty perfectly located! Before going, I checked online to see if there were vegan options and TripAdvisor assured me there was.



Excited and HUNGRY to get some tasty food, I sat down with my new friends. I’ll maybe write another post about how exciting it was to meet new people that I’ve been chatting to online, since it was such a big impact in my life!




Stika is incredibly cute. It’s pretty small, dog friendly, and has quirky art on the walls. There were maybe 6 tables and a few seats along the bar and when we arrived, it was packed out! Since there were 5 of us, we had to wait a few minutes for a table to free up – we got lucky though and a table was leaving a few minutes after we got there. There was free Wifi available, too.


Stika Stika Stika


Vegan Food


I opened the menu and flipped through it, looking intently for the vegan options. And I flipped through again – TripAdvisor said there would be some! There was a vegetarian burger listed, but other than porridge, it was looking like my food options were limited.

When the waiter came to take our order, my friend asked for the vegetarian burger. The waiter looked stumped, said, “one second,” went in the back, and came back to confirm she could have it. I asked if the vegetarian burger could be made vegan (FYI it can’t as the burger itself is made of sheep’s cheese) and what the vegan options were. He held up his finger, said, “let me check,” and headed into the kitchen again.

So my options were an almond milk porridge or a plain salad. I was hungry, almost to the point of hangry, so decided on the porridge.

Stika Stika


Now, don’t get me wrong at all, the porridge was beautiful. It was lightly spiced with cinnamon, was artfully presented, and had delicious stewed pear on top. But it was SMALL. It barely filled me, I was finished ages before my friends (especially a certain friend who shant be named who eats so slowly!), and was left wanting more food. Which was a shame, because everyone else had a pretty decent sized meal!


Specialty Coffee

However, what Stika lacked in vegan food options it TOTALLY made up for it with the coffee!

I ordered a rice milk flat white and it was GORGEOUS. It was presented perfectly in a flat white glass with a small glass of water on a board. Exactly how I was trained to make and present them, so they got a lot of bonus points there. Almond and soya milk was also on offer.



The steamed rice milk was creamy and neutral, leaving the taste of the beans to come through. Strong flavour notes of burnt almonds and dark chocolate were the highlight of Stika’s particular coffee blend; it was such a satisfying brew.

In conclusion, if you’re a vegan heading to Stika: go for breakfast and get a delicious porridge or go for caffeine and enjoy a wonderfully crafted coffee. Don’t go for a hearty lunch like I did, because you will be disappointed.






You can check out Stika Budapest for yourself!

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