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I sent out the distress call to a group of vegans that I know. I needed a coffee house in Antrim or on the way to Antrim, stat. As usual, they came armed with the information I needed and sent me on the way to Time Coffee House in Ballyclare.


time coffee house


I’d actually tried to go to Time Coffee House before, but the place was packed and there was a big queue waiting… so I figured it was pretty good. Fast forward; we parked and walked over to the building. There’s some seating outside and some big bay windows you can sit at to people watch the street.


Warm Welcome


In we went, and were lucky enough to get the only sofa inside. The decor was quirky, full of clocks (that are for sale), with a mix of rustic and industrial features. Time Coffee House definitely felt like a cosy spot. Some other great things to note are the abundance of plug sockets and free wifi, making it an ideal place to work. There were even plugs in the middle of a long table, so perfect for co-working.


Time Coffee House


We were greeted by a pleasant member of staff to take our order. There was absolutely no hesitation when I ordered a soya latte with two shots, and there was even a vegan sweet available: peanut butter balls from the delightful local vegan and gluten free bakery, Check Out My Buns! I was ecstatic about that, as had foregone breakfast.

Our coffees were brought over to us at the sofa in a reasonable amount of time, along with the peanut butter balls, which all three of us got. The crockery kept with the quirky theme, it was beautiful blue, handmade clay. It certainly got my attention. If the coffee looked the part, it was bound to taste good, right?


Time Coffee House



The first sip of that sweet, sweet coffee brought sighs of contentment to three happy customers. The beans were perfectly balanced, neither too acidic nor too sweet, and actually paired nicely with the soya milk.

Time Coffee House’s soya steaming skills were definitely on point; we all know I’m pretty fussy when it comes to soya foam and have been known to scoop that unpleasant mess out of my cup, but this soya was steamed to creamy perfection.


Time Coffee House


Drinking this coffee was, unequivocally, a pure delight, and I cannot wait to go back.


Vegan Food


I also have to take some time to gush about the peanut butter ball. This ball was the perfect combination of salty, peanutty, and chocolatey. My other half, who is not a huge peanut butter fan (I know, what’s wrong with him? :P) was practically drooling over it. It ticked every single box for a sweet treat that I had, and it is top of the list to get on my next visit.

Overall review of Time Coffee House? Go. Haven’t been do Time Coffee House? Make the trip. Just passing through? Try it. Live in Ballyclare and haven’t been yet? Why?!


Time Coffee House


Thank you, Time Coffee House, for restoring my faith in small town coffee shops.



You can check out Time Coffee House for yourself!

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